Coffee Can Bakery

Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies, oh my!

Cakes & Cupcakes​​

  1. Classic - Vanilla
    Classic - Vanilla
    Classic vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, topped with rainbow sprinkles
  2. Classic - Chocolate
    Classic - Chocolate
    Rich chocolate cake with vanilla frosting topped with sprinkles. (Can be made with dark chocolate frosting)
  3. Specialty - Mocha
    Specialty - Mocha
    Rich chocolate cake with coffee frosting, topped with a dark-chocolate covered espresso bean
  4. Specialty - Orange Creamsicle
    Specialty - Orange Creamsicle
    Vanilla cake with orange cream frosting, topped with an orange candy slice (can be made with chocolate cake)
  5. Specialty - Cookies & Cream (#)
    Specialty - Cookies & Cream (#)
    Rich chocolate cake with cookies & cream frosting, topped with an Oreo cookie
  6. Specialty - Cookie Butter
    Specialty - Cookie Butter
    Cookie butter cake with cookie frosting, topped with a cookie biscuit
  7. Classic - Vanilla & Chocolate
    Classic - Vanilla & Chocolate
    Vanilla cake with milk chocolate frosting, topped with a chocolate wafer cookie
  8. Specialty - S'Mores
    Specialty - S'Mores
    Rich chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting, topped with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate bars
  9. Specialty - Lemon (#)
    Specialty - Lemon (#)
    Vanilla cake with lemon frosting, topped with a lemon drop (just like grandma used to have!)
  10. Specialty - Mint Chocolate
    Specialty - Mint Chocolate
    Rich chocolate cake with mint frosting, topped with an Andes mint
  11. Specialty - Toffee Bar
    Specialty - Toffee Bar
    Rich chocolate cake with toffee chunk frosting topped with a mini toffee bar
  12. Specialty - Mounds Bar (#)
    Specialty - Mounds Bar (#)
    Rich chocolate cake with coconut frosting, topped with coconut flakes

Cookies & Bars

  1. Cookies (#)
    Cookies (#)
    Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  2. Cookies (#)
    Cookies (#)
    Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip & Dried Cranberry Cookies
  3. S'Mores Bars
    S'Mores Bars
    Similar to rice krispie treats but with graham cracker cereal, marshmallows and chocolate bars.